Think video gameengine for UIs

Built from the ground up on the principles of video game engines: Uncompromised designs, stunning performance, cross-platform.

“ We threw our boldest motion designs at You.i Engine and it brought them to life every time across all devices and platforms with remarkable performance. ”

— Dewey Reid —
VP Design, Mobile and Emerging Products, Yahoo!

Stunning Performance

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Frame rates you have to see to believe.

You.i Engine squeezes every last drop out of GPUs and CPUs to hit frame rates you’ve only dreamed of. It dynamically maximizes texture uploads to the GPU and intelligently uses multiple threads and cores - all with minimal memory usage.

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Superior performance and predictability.

Because You.i Engine is not DOM-based, it’s completely non-blocking, so there’s zero UI stutter or blocking load time.

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Significant hardware relationships.

We know GPUs and CPUs. So well in fact, that hardware vendors seek our input on hardware architectures. That access gives us unparalleled opportunity to optimize You.i Engine for each chipset.

Completely Cross-platform

Any device. Any screen.

You.i Engine compiles to a single, hyper-efficient C++ codebase that ports to any platform: smart TVs, iOS, Android, set top boxes, game consoles, OTT boxes, HDMI dongles and more.

Simplify your life, and your budget.

A single codebase streamlines building, maintenance and debugging across endless device types. Build a screen on one platform, see it on many. Fix a bug on one platform, fix it everywhere.

Stacked Screens

" You.i maximizes Vivante’s GPUs for user interfaces like no one else. "

— Vivante —

Plays Well With others

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No lock in.

You.i Engine snaps into any third party application under the sun — both at the C++ and native platform levels. So you’re free to integrate with everything you need to, both today and tomorrow.

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TV and video middleware.

All the integrations you’d expect for the TV and video markets: Video playback, DRM, recommendations, ad insertion, ad decisioning, QoS, analytics, authentication and more.

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Integrations out of the box.

You.i Engine comes pre-integrated with services like video, web views, native platform views, social logins and REST-based web services.

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